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Do You Still Have AU Shares?

Mark Horvath from Guy, Alta., finally cashed in his Agricore United shares. He reminds other shareholders that if you haven’t cashed in your shares, don’t forget.

Mark wrote: Farmers dig out those Agricore United share certificates and cash them in. Every farmer who had shares in Alberta Wheat Pool should have a big purple and white legal certificate sent to them a few years ago. (Same with Agricore and UGG shares.)

Common shares are worth $20.50. Preferred shares are $24.57. The company Computershare has the task of holding and distributing money for outstanding certificates. “Being an average-size farmer, I received about $8,000 for my loyalty to Alberta Wheat Pool,” Mark says.

Computershare will provide cash for share certificates until June 15, 2013, so you still have time. After that, Viterra will take back the money, or offer an extension. Computershare’s phone number is 1-800-564-6253.



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