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Case IH introduces the Trident 5550

This applicator is designed for 
quick-change between liquid 
and dry product

Case IH introduces the Trident 5550

At a product debut event in Boone, Iowa, marketing staff from Case IH pulled the wraps off the brand’s all-new, multi-product applicator, the Trident 5550. It was designed specifically to accommodate a relatively quick body change, converting from a sprayer to a dry spreader and back again with minimum effort.

“We had three guys working on it and it only took 42 minutes,” said Mark Burns, marketing manager for application equipment. “We’ve been talking about a wet and dry applicator at Case IH for some time. Now we can show it to people.”

But don’t think the Trident is just a Patriot sprayer with different lipstick. It is a ground-up design created specifically to accommodate the dual-duty concept.

“People ask how much of it is recycled from a Patriot,” explained Burns. “The answer is the cab, and that’s it. It’s not a Patriot and it’s not meant to replace a Patriot.”

Under the hood is a 390 horsepower, 8.7 litre diesel mated to a hydrostatic IVT drive. And it all rides on a completely new suspension system designed to accommodate changing loads during field use. A computer-controlled air suspension system uses variations in pressure based on the machine’s load weight to set ride characteristics. The suspension will also allow the Trident to sink down to a minimum height when necessary, such as when entering storage sheds.

“There’s a lot of cool stuff on here,” added Burns. “A lot of technology.”

The Trident can be ordered with factory duals to fit 20-, 22- or 30-inch row crop spacing. A 710-millimetre floater tire is also available as a factory option. Axle width adjustments can be made on the go in half-inch increments. All of that allows buyers to get the widest possible use out of the machine, according to Burns.

“As the market has evolved, the equipment to apply those products has to evolve as well,” he said.

To get product applied, the Trident uses a 330 cubic foot New Leader NL4500T G4 Edge variable rate dry box applicator, which has to be ordered directly from New Leader through a Case IH dealer. The 1,400 gallon liquid system uses Case IH’s Command FLEX to control spray pressure and provide features such as turn compensation, delivering product through 90-, 100- and 120-foot booms. And an automatic rinse feature minimizes effort in cleaning the tank.

“There are 1,400 gallons (in the main tank),” said Burns. “The unique thing is there are also 200 gallons of rinse capacity. So there is a total of 1,600 gallons of water.”

To aid in quick body changeover, all required connections are designed to fit together only one way and be simple to attach.

“There are two banks, one electric and one hydraulic, with quick connectors,” explained Burns. “That’s where we marry the two (body and chassis) together. It’s error proof. They’re sized differently (to avoid incorrect connections). It’s meant to be very easy.”

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