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Bubble Wrap Is Garbage

While consumers all over the world are being coerced and shamed into going green, large corporations do not feel they need to adhere to environmental ideals at all. I am particularly annoyed by all the mailouts, inserts and brochures that chemical companies send me. We are bombarded nearly every mail day with brochures brightly printed on very heavy paper that advertise huge profits if we would purchase the products made by these companies. I find these a huge waste of paper, and wonder why we need to receive this propaganda in the first place.

A while back Syngenta sent us a total of four very stiff, green pop-up cards in the mail advertising one of their products. Last week we received more gifts: two white brochures that, when unfolded, turned out to be a huge sheet of nearly blank paper with the words “Broadband” printed on the front and very little else. I am disgusted by this waste of paper, especially when in very small print it implies that they use only paper from well-managed forests. Do not insult my intelligence! Now we’ve received bubble wrap from Syngenta on the inside back page of the March 23 Grainews. What’s next? This is garbage, pardon my pun.

R. Zingre Cecil Lake, B. C.



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