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Bean Growers Target Sclerotinia Resistance

The Manitoba Pulse Growers Association (MPGA) currently funds 19 research projects relating to the production of edible beans, peas and faba beans, and 15 research projects relating to soybean production. Every year MPGA dedicates 40 per cent or more of its gross revenue to scientific research.

MPGA is currently funding a project titled, “Evaluation of dry bean germplasm and cultivars for partial field resistance and physiological resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (white mould).” White mould is one of the most destructive diseases of dry bean and can cause severe losses in seed yield and quality. The findings of this project will allow dry bean breeders to develop new cultivars with improved resistance to this deadly disease. White mould-resistant dry bean cultivars will reduce production risk and fungicide use, and therefore, ultimately enhance the profitability of dry bean production in Manitoba.

Research activities relating to agronomy and genetic improvement continue to be our focus and top priority area for funding, as they are the most valuable to our members’ bottom lines.

Approximately 10 per cent of our research dollars are put toward value-added projects led by Pulse Canada, which have a focus on health and nutrition and the food ingredient market. Over the years, projects we have contributed to have led to new varieties, improved agronomic practices, and the development of new pulse utilization methods.

Roxanne Roels with MPGA submitted this article. Would you like to submit a report about a project your organization is funding with checkoff dollars? Contact the new editor, Lyndsey Smith, at [email protected]or 306-731-3637.



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