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Be Thankful Always

We should always be thankful, especially in this time of Thanksgiving. This is a time when most of the crops are in and the family can enjoy the abundance from the garden and fruit trees. It is also a time to be thankful for other blessings!

As farmers — tillers of the soil — we have little control over so much that effects the outcome of our labour, making Thanksgiving very special to us. Even if things have gone bad this year — and a lifetime of farming they will, more than once — we can be thankful for the crops we got in the previous years and pray for better in the years to come. We can give thanks for the lifestyle we enjoy.

If we lost our farm, and some have, we can give thanks for the years we did enjoy this freedom and lifestyle and pray for new beginnings, or give thanks for an already new beginning. The whole world should give thanks on this important day. Just the fact that food is everything, and without the mercy of God’s power to supply the rain and sunshine at the right time, we could be hungry very quickly.

I am especially Thankful this year not only for the nice crop, but also for the excellent renters.

I enjoyed the beauty of nature picking berries and fishing along the river. Our kid’s are all working at presently and are healthy.

Mary and I are slowly getting into them “Golden Years” when things start to break down a bit and fall apart, but God willing we can enjoy a few years without the stress of running a farm. At the same time, we appreciate those who are providing our food — and what it takes to do that in these times.

We all have a lot to be thankful for even if things have not gone all that well or the way we would have wanted it. Often these stressful times make us stronger and wiser for the future.

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