Australian Sprayer With 3,700-Gallon Capacity

Goldacres company of Australia has a new sprayer with 14,000 litres (3,700 U. S. gallons) of total tank capacity. The main spray tank is divided into two 6,000-litre tanks, plus there are two 1,000-litre chemical shuttles up front.

“The sprayer mixes chemical on the go so you don’t have to have 12,000 litres of mixed chemical on board,” says Roger Richard, Goldacres’ engineering manager. Grainews got this quote from an online video by Graham Fuller, national farm machinery writer for The Land, an Australian farm paper. With multiple tanks, it gives a few more options for weed control and also for applying insecticide and fertilizer. You can spray grass weeds as a blanket application and apply broadleaf herbicide as a spot spray where needed, the company suggests. You could also top dress the crop with liquid nitrogen and spot spray in the same pass — all at independent rates.

Boom widths are 100 or 120 feet. For more information about Goldacres, visit the website at



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