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Apply elemental sulphur now

The Canola Council of Canada sent out a notice October 20 recommending that if you are interesting in applying elemental sulphur, do it now. November is still a good time to apply if the field is still bare. Even a skiff of snow is OK, says John Mayko, senior agronomy specialist with the council. This is a broadcast job, so you don’t need to work the soil. But you don’t want to apply it over too much snow or else it will run off in the spring, Mayko says.

Here is the key paragraph from the announcement: “Growers choose elemental sulphur fertilizer for two reasons: Not only does it tend to be less expensive per unit of nutrient, but a lower volume of product is also needed because of its high analysis. However, remember that elemental sulphur granules need time to be exposed to environmental elements. Exposure breaks down the fertilizer particles and helps accelerate the oxidization process that converts elemental sulphur to sulphate, which is plant available.

The Canola Council has more information on broadcasting elemental sulphur on its website at



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