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A Reverser For Pull-Type Haybines

Duane Bartok of QBV Enterprises in Esterhazy, Sask., sent a note about a reverser he and a friend built for their Model 1475 New Holland haybine. “We did it by putting an electric valve at the back end of the haybine, which reverses the flow of the oil by simply flipping a switch in the tractor. It has saved me time and money, and I no longer worry about safety of the operator because they do not have to leave the seat of the tractor,” he says.

“I have asked my New Holland dealer several times if there was any kind of reverser for my haybine, but the only reverser available is for the self propelled models. On our website there is a video of the reverser in action. Feel free to check it out at”You can also call Duane at 306-745-3801. He has made reversers for other models, including a MacDon. The price is $1,250 per unit.



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