A Retro New Holland

Tractor companies like to capitalize on nostalgia. And hey, if it works for them, why not? New Holland is the latest company to introduce a brand new tractor with a retro-style hood and colour scheme. But although the new Boomer 8N may look like the original 1948 Model 8N, New Holland’s new compact tractor has a good list of modern conveniences. For instance, its continuously variable transmission (CVT) “creates a fun, easy, car-like driving experience,” the company says. Boomer 8N has a 50-horsepower diesel engine, three-point hitch with 2,800-pound lift capacity, and four-wheel drive.

This tractor is designed for the “lifestyle” market — i. e. acreage owners with a little extra money to spend — but if you happen to be in the market for a 50-hp yard tractor, and if you remember the original 8N fondly, maybe this would be a nice semi-retirement present for you. (I’m assuming farmers who bought an original 8N in the ‘40s and ‘50s are near retirement by now.) For more, talk to your New Holland dealer or visit www.8N.com



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