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A Kinder, Gentler Game Of Golf

Turn your pasture into a golf course! Farmersgolf, invented in the Netherlands, creates a golf course in and around your farmyard, extending into the pasture if you wish. The club is a wooden shoe on a stick. Yes, really. And the ball is like a small soccer ball. You don’t need groomed greens, just a few holes and flags placed here and there.

Doug Hennigar has one of only three (for now) Farmersgolf franchises in Canada. Hennigar runs a farmers, market in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, and uses Farmersgolf to strengthen his agritourism draw. “I call it 50 per cent golf and 50 per cent walk around the farm,” he says.

You don’t need to buy more land for this. “You take what you’ve got and manipulate the course around it,” Hennigar says. “Some courses in Holland play right through buildings.” A true Farmersgolf course has 10 holes. For more on Farmersgolf, visit the website at www.boerengolf. nl/english. For more on Hennigar’s business, visit



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