8 new soybeans

Western Canadian farmers have eight new soybean varieties to consider for 2009. Hyland Seeds has two Roundup Ready varieties, Dekalb and BrettYoung each have one, and Quarry Seeds has four. Two new types offered by Quarry are called natto varieties, which are specialty human-food, conventional types, intended for the Asian market. Here they are, in alphabetical order:


Heat units: 2,475 Type: Roundup Ready Distributor: Dekalb

Features: Good early season vigour, standability and yield potential. Strong iron chlorosis tolerance.


Heat units: 2,350 and 2,375,


Type: Natto varieties/conventional Distributor: Quarry Seeds

Features: These two human-food quality soybeans yield less than the average soybean, but have a $2 to $3 per bushel price premium. Needs careful handling like other edible beans.

HS 006R37

Heat units: 2,500 Type: Roundup Ready Distributor: Hyland Seeds

Features: Smaller seed size, with 3,295 seeds per pound. This variety also has strong iron deficiency chlorosis scores, and an erect non branching plant structure. Above average white mold tolerance. Strong yield potential.

Isis RR

Heat units: 2,375 Type: Roundup Ready Distributor: Elite/BrettYoung Features: Early maturity, very good yield, medium seed size


Heat units: 2,400 Type: Roundup Ready Distributor: Quarry Seeds

Features: Compared to LS0036RR, this new variety has two days earlier maturity, five to 10 per cent higher yield, higher pods, and slightly taller height.

RR Rusell

Heat units: 2,550 Type: Roundup Ready Distributor: Hyland Seeds

Features: Brown hilum seed and medium-tall plant height. Very good plant health with a good disease package. Strong yield potential.

Thunder 29002

Heat units: 2,375 Type: Roundup Ready Distributor: Quarry Seeds

Features: Tall variety with pods well off ground. It has all the features of LS0036RR with similar iron chlorosis score.

Seed company contacts

Here is contact information for the seed distributors noted in this article. Call or visit the websites for more information or to find the nearest seed retailer.

BrettYoung: 1-800-665-5015 or www.brettyoung.caDekalb: 1-800-667-4944 or www.dekalb.ca

Quarry Seeds: 1-888-274-9243 or www.quarrygrain.comHyland Seeds: 1-800-263-4183 or www.hylandseeds.com

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