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5 Crop Protection Announcements

1. Syngenta introduces Pulsar, a twin pack broadleaf herbicide for use on durum, spring wheat and barley. Pulsar contains two Group-4 broadleaf herbicides — dicamba and fluroxypyr. Pulsar provides dual-action management for Group-2 resistant kochia, as well as non-resistant kochia.

Hugh Beckie, a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Saskatoon, tracks herbicide resistance and has observed an increase in kochia resistance across the Prairies. “We advise growers who have documented or suspected Group 2 resistance to tank-mix the Group 2 herbicide with a different mode of action that controls kochia, or to switch to a different mode of action such as a Group 4 herbicide,” Beckie says.

Weeds controlled or suppressed by Pulsar along with MCPA include kochia, stink-weed, flixweed, lamb’s-quarters, shepherd’s purse, volunteer canola, wild buckwheat, wild mustard, cleavers and volunteer flax.

2. DuPont has a new formulation of Harmony SG herbicide with a built-in adjuvant. This eliminates the hassle of loading and mixing the adjuvant. Harmony SG controls broadleaf and grassy weeds in spring wheat and durum. It controls wild oats, green foxtail and five-leaf wild buckwheat, in addition to 20 other broadleaf weeds. Harmony SG has a wide window of application, from the two-leaf stage to emergence of the flag leaf. It has no soil residue, no recropping restrictions the following year, and is rainfast in one hour.

Also note, Harmony Grass, the graminicide component of Harmony SG, will be offered as a tank-mix partner with herbicides available in the new DuPont PrecisionPac herbicide delivery system for customized weed control.

3. Bengal competes with Puma. Makhteshim Agan of North America, Canada (MANA) has registered Bengal 120EC, a grassy weed herbicide to control wild oats, green foxtail and barnyard grass in spring wheat and durum. It contains fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, the same active ingredient as Puma herbicide.

4. Another MANA generic, Bison 400L, competes with Liquid Achieve. It has the same active ingredient, tralkoxydim, and is registered for use in wheat (spring, winter and durum), barley and rye. It controls Persian darnel, wild oats and green foxtail.

5. Syngenta launches The Great Canadian Stand website— to share best practices for crop management. The website has best practices for crop establishment, and detection and control tips for diseases, insects and weeds. It also has an extensive Q&A on weed management with Bruce Murray and Gary Martens. Murray is the provincial weed specialist for Manitoba and a U of M prof. Martens is a certified crop advisor and a lecturer in plant science at U of M.



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