14 New Wheat And Barley Options For 2012

Prairie farmers will have 10 new wheat and four new barley varieties to consider for 2012.

All the wheat varieties have their features for high yield and quality, but a couple focus on new or upgraded resistance to disease and crop pests.

SeCan is introducing AC Carberry, a hard red spring, which Jim Downey of SeCan describes as a game changer in the ongoing battle against fusarium head blight (FHB). AC Carberry has a MR rating, or moderate resistance to FHB, which is the highest rating available. Downey says another key feature is the variety s short, strong straw. He expects it to be a good fit for producers in Red River Valley region of southern Manitoba where FHB is prevalent.

Both Canterra and SeCan are releasing new varieties using the varietal blend (VB) system for control of the orange wheat blossom midge.

Canterra has AC Conquer VB, a CPS red, and SeCan has AC Shaw VB, a hard red spring. Both these new varieties carry the Sm1 gene, which is single-gene insect resistance. Any vulnerable midge trying to feed on those plants will essentially starve to death. However, since the resistance is carried in only one gene it is suspected a percentage of the midge population either is or may become resistant to the gene.

The theory behind varietal blending is to include a 10 per cent blend of a midge-susceptible wheat variety in with the new resistant seed variety, so midge-susceptible plants are interspersed through the crop. It is hoped that non-virulent midge will survive on the 10 per cent susceptible plants in the field. These non-virulent midge will mate with the virulent (resistant) midge and the progeny of this cross will be non-virulent. It is hoped this strategy could extend the life of midge tolerance to 90 years or longer.

Canterra is also excited about its AC Enterprise, an amber durum variety, which has very good pigment and also is a low-cadmium variety. On the malting barley side it is introducing Merit 57, which stands out in the world of malt varieties since it has already been accepted for its malting profile by brewer Anheuser-Busch.

SeCan also has the only new General Purpose (GP) wheat variety, Pasteur, on the list. GP is a new classification of wheat developed specifically for the feed and ethanol market. Its main feature is that it is bred for yield with feed and fuel-based uses in mind and not food-based quality.

AC Enterprise CWAD



Key Features:Suited to all durum-growing regions, this amber durum variety yielded two per cent higher than Strongfield. It has a similar maturity to Strongfield, but is two centimetres taller, with a slightly weaker straw strength. AC Enterprise has an intense pigment concentration, similar to Navigator and Commander, and has grain protein, grain cadmium concentration, gluten index and semolina yield similar to Strongfield.



Key Features:AC Conquer VB (varietal blend) is suited to all wheat-growing areas of the western Prairies, in particular, areas where the orange wheat blossom midge occurs. It is the only Canadian Prairie Red Spring Wheat that is resistant to wheat midge. AC Conquer VB has high yield potential, matures 0.5 and one day later than 5701PR and 5702PR respectively, and is rated R to stem rust, bunt and stripe rust.



Key Features:CDC Kernen has a high yield potential and is suited to all wheat-growing zones. A Canadian Western Red Spring Wheat, it matures one day later than AC Barrie and is slightly taller than AC Barrie, with intermediate lodging resistance. The grain quality of CDC Kernen is exceptional.

AC Carberry CWRSW SeCan

Key features:This Canada Western Red Spring Wheat has one of the best agronomic packages ever registered high yield potential, excellent disease resistance, short strong straw and great grain quality. AC Carberry is rated moderately resistant to FHB, the highest rating available, and has excellent lodging resistance (better than Superb), high protein, large seed and high test weight, and is a great fit for intensive management. Developed by Agriculture &Agri-Food Canada, Swift Current


Key features:This Canada Western Red Spring Wheat is the highest-yielding midge-tolerant CWRS. It is awnless, with tall but strong straw, excellent pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, large seed and high test weight. Developed by Agriculture &Agri- Food Canada, Winnipeg

CDC Thrive CWRSW SeCan

Key features:This Canada Western Red Spring Wheat includes herbicide tolerance within the Clearfield Production System for wheat.

With high yield potential, medium- early maturity, CDC Thrive is well suited to the Parkland growing regions. Developed by Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan AC Stettler CWRSW SeCan

Key features:This Canada Western Red Spring Wheat has higher grain yield than Superb, higher protein than Superb or AC Barrie, one day earlier than Superb, improved grade retention, short strong straw, good lodging resistance. Developed by Agriculture &Agri-Food Canada, Swift Current

Pasteur GPW SeCan

Key features:This General Purpose Wheat is a top yielding variety, low DON accumulation, exceptionally strong straw, resistant to leaf and stem rust, very late, but huge yield potential. Well adapted to the eastern Prairies. Developed by Wiersum Plant Breeding, The Netherlands.


(distributor to be announced) Key features:A new high yielding Canadian Prairie Spring (red) variety, developed by Syngenta being increased for limited acreage in 2012 and a full grower launch in 2013. It is well adapted to the production areas of western Canada that currently grow the CPS class of wheat. It has good milling quality, good yield potential higher average over-years results than the currently grown varieties, short straw similar to 5700 PR, two days earlier than 5700 PR, good resistance to leaf rust, stem rust, and common root rot and highly desirable quality profile carried by the 5700 series varieties.



Key features:VR 5604HR CL offers high yield potential, short stature, great standability, an excellent disease package plus the added benefit of Clearfield tolerance. Developed by Syngenta, VR 5604HR CL is Viterra s earliest-maturing variety in the Wheat Performance Checks (WPC) so wheat producers can expect an early harvest, excellent yield, and top grades.


Merit 57

Two-row malting CANTERRA SEEDS

Key Features:Merit 57 possesses a superior malting profile that is accepted by Anheuser-Busch. It is a later maturing variety, which contributes to its very high yield potential. Merit 57 has intermediate straw strength and is rated slightly better than AC Metcalfe for lodging resistance.

CDC Mayfair Six-row malting Canterra Seeds

Key Features:CDC Mayfair is high yielding and has a unique malt quality profile with plumper kernels and higher extract. It is suited to all growing zones and displays maturity and lodging results similar to the malting checks. It is rated R to the surface borne smuts and also displays a disease package that is similar to the malting checks.

CDC Meredith Two-row malting Canterra Seeds

Key features:CDC Meredith offers 13 per cent higher grain yield than AC Metcalfe, similar to Xena, one per cent lower grain protein than AC Metcalfe, excellent malting quality, and higher per cent age plump kernels than AC Metcalfe. IP contracts required (through domestic maltsters or Richardson International)

Developed by Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan

CDC Austenson Two-row feed Canterra Seeds

Key features:Grain yield for CDC Austenson is rated at 101 per cent of Xena and 116 per cent of AC Metcalfe, and has stronger straw than Xena and AC Metcalfe, test weight similar to Xena, per cent plump equal to AC Metcalfe, strong combination of yield, straw strength, test weight and improved disease resistance. Expected to become the new standard in two-row feed barley. Developed by Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan.

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New varietycontacts

Here is the contact information for seed companies with new cereal varieties for 2012. Call them or visit their web-sites to get more information on varieties or to find a retailer nearest you.

Canterra Seeds 1-866-744-4321 www.canterra.com

SeCan 1-800-764-5487 www.secan.com

Syngenta Seeds Canada 1-800-756-7333 www.nkcanada.com

Viterra 1-866-569-4411 www.viterra.ca [email protected]

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