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Commodity markets have been about as predictable as the weather as of late.

Weather, trade and our grain markets

Local and global events are keeping markets moving. Keep your eyes on your own work

As the calendar turned to April most of the Prairies looked like they were back in January with the snow cover and cold. Due to the La Niña weather event persisting for longer than some had predicted, portions of the Midwest and Southern U.S. remained extremely dry, while the Northern States, like the Prairies were […] Read more

Pre-season contracts and changed plans

If you’ve changed seeding plans due to spring weather, check your contract obligations

So far, 2018 is setting up to be a year of extremes and challenges. There’s been record snow pack in the mountains and a drawn-out winter with excessive snow across the Prairies. Overland flooding across wide areas of the Prairies came during one of the latest springs in years. On April 21, I was in […] Read more

Are your grain deliveries protected?

Know the full CGC rules to make sure your payment is protected when you make a sale

Not getting paid for the grain you deliver. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a tough financial blow. Know the rules so you can protect yourself. The law in this area is in the hands of the Canada Grains Commission. Everything you read here in italics comes from the CGC website. Let’s […] Read more

Grain companies profit more from handling grain than from selling grain.

Grain marketing changes over time

After all of the changes over the past decades, do farmers have more price control?

When I started my first job at a farmer-owned co-op grain elevator 36 years ago, the only way a producer could get a price was by calling or stopping by the local elevator to see the daily bids. These only included grains like canola, rye and flax, as all wheats, barley and oats were under […] Read more

Time to re-evaluate your grain marketing plan

With the crop in the bin, should you be selling now or holding out for higher prices?

This year’s fall weather was exceptional and most harvesting was done in record time. The biggest surprise I heard from producers is that yields were well above expectations. Many said they figured the yield monitors on their combines were out to lunch when they saw the numbers! This brings a good problem: most producers, even […] Read more

Post-harvest marketing plan time

With your crop in the bin, it’s time to get to the work of grain marketing

Your location will have had a big impact to your harvest outcome this year. Weather issues stressed crops across the Prairies. Whether you had a bumper crop or a poor crop, you need to review your marketing plan. This is the critical time when prices and trends can be set for the better part of […] Read more

New online grain trading platform

Ag Exchange Group wants to match up farmers with grain buyers more efficiently

Developers of a new online grain trading system are hoping the technology will simplify the buying and selling of grains, and help expand export markets in the process. A desire to help growers focus their time more effectively and do a better job of bringing buyers and sellers together led Ag Exchange Group Inc. of […] Read more

Grain marketing, Mother Nature and Murphy’s Law

Some years anything that can go wrong, will. Avoid further trouble with these three marketing strategies

For many the first week of September 2014 was no doubt an agonizing experience as you had to sit by helplessly and watch it rain and snow and freeze. Undeniable proof that Mother Nature’s last name has to be Murphy, and she was in the mood to apply the full wrath of Murphy’s Law to […] Read more

Changing times, yet again for grain prices

With risks of global change and bad 
harvest weather, farmers can take action

Over the past month a number of things have happened that are going to impact world grain prices. Reports from the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture are saying that due to conflicts they expect that at least 15 per cent of the crops in Eastern regions will be lost because they have not been tended to […] Read more

Crop marketing tips for higher profits

Growing the crop is only half the battle. Now you'll need informed decisions

Canadian growers have benefitted from powerful innovations in recent years. From the introduction of new varieties to crop protection tools and better soil preservation practices, growers have a stronger chance of maximizing yield at harvest. But the job doesn’t end there. For growers to see the full benefits of a crop well-grown, they need to […] Read more