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Zetor teams with Pininfarina

This concept model displayed at Agritechnica represents the design direction Czech tractor manufacturer Zetor plans to take its tractor line.

Any automotive enthusiast worth his salt will instantly recognize the name Pininfarina, the famous Italian design studio whose artistic vision has helped create many classic car bodies. A lot of them have graced the world’s premiere auto shows. This year, however, one of their designs is being worn by a tractor and featured at Germany’s farm machinery show, Agritechnica.

Czech tractor builder Zetor, has teamed up with Pininfarina to create a concept tractor. The brand wants to update its entire tractor line and the concept model at the centre of the company’s display in November was meant to point in the direction Zetor expects to take. But the company claims it’s looking to do more than just give its tractors a facelift. In a press release Zetor reveals it wants to be able to offer a line of four- and six-cylinder tractors spanning the 50 to 200 horsepower range.

A couple of years ago the brand introduced its most powerful model to date, the Forterra HD, which has a 254 cubic-inch, turbocharged, four-cylinder diesel. Until the unveiling of the Pininfarina concept model, the Forterra was the company’s newest restyling effort. It currently tops out Zetor’s tractor line with 147 rated engine horsepower.

The Pininfarina concept tractor on display at Agritechnica was just a shell, not a fully working machine. Specifications for any of the models that will roll off assembly lines with that look have yet to be finalized, and details are still sketchy on when we’ll hear and see more about them.

The brand has a presence in Canada, with its North American headquarters located in Jacksonville, Florida. Keep your eye on for updates.

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