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Watch For Ice

Here’s an interesting way to break things and get some bruises as well. We were using our trusty Case 970 last week moving some grain with a grain vac. We shut down between loads and then when I went to start the tractor the fun began.

I went to open the door and it was frozen shut. So what does every farmer in a hurry do? I pulled harder on the handle and it came off in my hand. There’s $50 or so down the drain. It took me two or three minutes to pry open the door because the weather strip had frozen to the door jamb.

What had happened? The roof was covered in snow and when we were running it before the heat from the heater core in the cab roof melted the snow and it ran down the cab right over the door weather strip and onto the steps. You can probably guess what happened next.

I carefully got into the tractor to start it and I thought I would knock the ice off the steps when I got out. I carefully manoeuvred down the steps but not carefully enough. Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Good thing I was holding onto the steering wheel or I would have been flat on the ground.

Here’s what to do, so you don’t end up battered and bruised like me.

1) Make sure to brush the snow off the top off the cab if this is a problem with your tractor. It may save your door handle and keep you from getting some bruises.

2) Make sure to knock the ice off the steps before you go into the tractor.

That’s my adventure of the week. Keep safe and enjoy the winter.

RonSettlerfarmswithhiswifeandtwo sonsatLuckyLake,Sask.

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