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Utility tractor comparison shopping

We compare some buying choices for late-model,100-plus horsepower tractors

We’re comparing New Holland’s T6030 and its contemporaries in this market review.

In our market review this time we’re focusing on late-model tractors just above the 100 horsepower mark, something ideal for livestock producers. We picked models that mate well with a front-end loader, are nimble enough to manoeuvre around livestock pens and still powerful enough to handle haying operations in the field.

As usual we’re relying on published test results from the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab for verified specifications. But we have to offer a word of caution here. The lab doesn’t always test the same features or all the options all the time — it depends on what the manufacturer is willing to pay for. And there may be more than one version of a tractor with the same model number, each with slightly different test results. So if you’re looking to buy a machine, be sure to verify the precise model, options list and year for exact specifications. Our chart should, however, give you a good reference point to start with.

For our survey of asking prices, we turned to AGDealer’s online pricing tool, and we used as an authority for some of the specifications.

The chart below provides a comparison of how each of these tractors stack up against the others in terms performance, fuel consumption and capabilities, which should help take some of the mystery out of what a dollar buys on the used tractor market these days.

(click image for larger view)
(click image for larger view)

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Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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