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Tobin “Bullet” Seeds At 10 Mph

The Bullet single disc drill machine is designed to seed at two to three times the conventional speed of five mph. “The drill can maintain precise seed placement at higher speeds because of the two-inch wide hard rubber closing wheel, which we call the muffler wheel,” says Chad Vandaele of Vangro. Vangro Ltd., of Medora, Man., sells the drills in Western Canada.

“At higher speeds the seeding disc will want to propel a wave of soil, but with the muffler wheel being located beside the seeding disc, the soil is held in place.”

Disc blades are 24 inches in diameter and a quarter-inch (6 mm) thick. The drill has one nitrogen disc bander for every two seed discs. These nitrogen banders pivot to make turning easier. Nitrogen banding discs are on a separate frame at the front of the drill, which you can raise out of the ground hydraulically when seeding pulses.

Seed depth, nitrogen depth and packing pressure are all hydraulically controlled, and you can adjust them from the cab in seconds. Each disc has spring tension allowing a trip pressure ranging from 70 to 650 psi. Each disc also has inside scrapers on the boot side and optional outside scrapers for the opposite side of the disc.

Pivoting rubber tire press wheels can be moved to pack over the seed row or beside, or anywhere in between.

The main frame has modules or sub frames that hang from it, with four discs on each module. Modules allow the discs to more closely follow the contour of the ground.

The drill comes in widths up to 60 feet and row spacing of 10, 12, 14 or 16 inches.

For more information on The Bullet, call Chad Vandaele at 204-522-0926 or Bob Vandaele at 204-522-5613. You can also visit the website,



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