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The MF 4600 Series

When North Ameri-can Massey Ferg-uson dealers gathered for a convention in Kansas City in January, they were given their first look at the brand’s newest tractor line, the 4600 Series. A month later these models made their public debut at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The smaller of two completely new, utility-class series introduced by Massey this winter, the three tractors in the 4600 Line offer engine horsepower ratings of 75, 85 and 95 (63.5, 72 and 80 at the PTO, respectively). They’re the updated replacement for the previous 2600 HD line.

“The 4600 Series is a great choice for operators who need a tough, reliable tractor for hay production, utility work and day-to-day on-the-farm use,” says David Bercik, product marketing manager at Massey Ferguson. “They’ll find these new 4600 Series tractors comfortable and convenient to operate, as well as responsive and efficient for handling nearly any job.”

That’s the marketing hype behind them, but lets take a close look at what these tractors really offer.

Under the hood

Under the hood of all three models, Massey has stuffed an all-new, three-cylinder, turbo-charged AGCO Power diesel from the company’s 33 AWIC engine family. It conforms to Interim Tier IV (IT4) emissions standards, which actually puts it a generation ahead of some of its competition in this horsepower range.

The four-valve design boasts improved airflows through the engine and enhances fuel-air mixing for more complete combustion, which helps bump up fuel efficiency. Wet, replaceable cylinder liners with mid-supports improve engine cooling, and Massey claims that also minimizes service needs and enhances engine life.

These diesels are controlled by the SisuTronic EEM4, electronic engine management system, which can adjust injection timing to further lower fuel consumption. Despite its IT4 emissions designation, this engine does not use a diesel particulate filter, so there is no need to burn extra fuel to regenerate a filter.

“The design and technology found in these AGCO Power engines mirror those found in our larger diesel engines,” adds Bercik. “Primarily, we’ve focused on optimizing the combustion and fuel use to deliver the power needed in the most fuel-efficient manner possible.

Behind the engine is a fully synchronized, 12F/12R power shuttle transmission that allows for on-the-go shifting.

Using a gear-type hydraulic pump, the 4600s deliver 65 litres per minute (17.1 gallons per minute) of fluid flow at the SCVs. The three-point hitch is capable of 1,553 kilograms (3,417 pounds) of lift, when measured 24 inches from the ball ends, which is respectable for a tractor in this size class. Basic chassis weight for the largest tractor in the Series, the 4610, with MFWD and a cab is 3,150 kilograms (6,945 pounds).

The three 4600 Series tractors are currently available with MFWD in open station or cabbed versions. A two-wheel drive option for all three will be available sometime in the second quarter of 2013.

What kind of damage will a new 4600 Series tractor do to your bank account? A two-wheel drive, 75 horsepower, 4608 open-station model will set you back U.S.$30,092. The 95 horsepower, 4610 MFWD with a cab comes in at U.S.$50,581. †

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