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The agricultural perspective from down under

Grainews in Australia

The agricultural perspective from down under

In the past, we at Grainews have travelled far and wide to bring you, our readers, the latest and best information on farm machinery. We feel its our duty to do that. But this year we really got carried with ourselves and logged more miles in a single trip than ever before, and in the process we submitted expense claims that gave our boss a cardiac arrhythmia.

We spent 15 non-stop hours in a Boeing 777 (in economy class) to bring you a look at machinery in Australia. Our Sept. 29 issue of Grainews ran a series of articles on what we found that we’ll also feature on our website. Some of the sights are familiar, while others are quite different. All of them, we think, are pretty interesting.

For a video look at some of the machinery we saw, go to eQuipTV on the Grainews website.


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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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