TerraGators Get New Drivetrains

AGCO has given their TerraGators a make-over. The two new models, 6303 and 8303, pair an AGCO SISU power 8.4-litre engine with the company’s CVT transmission. Using a CVT allows for infinite speed selection and engine power combinations. That, according to Mark Sharitz, director of marketing for application equipment, will help custom applicators improve efficiency. In the application business productivity is priority one, and nothing else is a close second, he says. We believe the new TerraGator 6303 and 8303 will help our customers achieve that goal.”

Aside from providing more choices when it comes to application speeds, the CVT’s continuous power maximizes traction by minimizing wheel slip in wet conditions, reducing soil damage. And the TerraGator Management System (TMS) allows the engine and transmission to work together to deliver a ground and engine speed combination that provides the best power with the lowest fuel consumption.

Unlike a powershift transmission, the CVT doesn’t deliver shocks to the driveline during gear changes. The transmission is controlled by the foot pedal, joystick or Power Shuttle lever. They allow for seamless forward and reverse shuttling. AGCO claims their CVT is simpler than other designs on the market and has fewer moving parts, with only seven cut gears inside it which are all under constant load.

For the operator, a new six-post cab with 60 square feet of glass area offers good visibility. A floating armrest contains all control functions for field operations.

And a longer chassis improves the ride but still allows the TerraGators to turn inside a 45-foot application spread pattern.

“Our goal was to put even more brains to the brawn of the TerraGator to deliver more productivity and efficiency that would continue to make it the top choice in flotation applicators,” says Sharitz.


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The CVT’s continuous power maximizes traction by minimizing wheel slip in wet conditions

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