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TeeJet Layers Guidance Over Video

TeeJet Technologies introduces the only system that disp-lays guidance and live video simultaneously. Matrix guidance system with RealView guidance over video lets you monitor hard-to-see machine parts or operations while viewing guidance information at the same time.

Matrix can be upgraded with automatic boom section control for use with sprayers and spreaders. This automatically switches off sprayer boom sections when they enter a previously applied area.

Matrix is the interface for TeeJet’s FieldPilot assisted steering system. FieldPilot with Matrix guidance installs easily on older tractors.

Matrix console screen comes in two sizes, 5.7 inch (570G model) and 8.4 inch (840G model), with options for four or eight cameras. Other Matrix features include touch-screen control for easy operation, a high-resolution, bright screen you can see under tough lighting conditions, built-in light-bar for full-time guidance no matter what is on display, and split-screen four-camera view on 840G.

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