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Tanks A Lot

Free Form Plastic Products of St. Brieux, Sask., offers a new large-capacity liquid tank. The company calls this 3,250 Imperial gallon, low-profile poly tank a modular design because it’s really two 1,625 gallon tanks joined together.

In its standard configuration, fluid can flow freely between the two modules, allowing for a single filling and drainage point. But farmers can order it with the compartments isolated to hold different liquids, or even in a single half-tank 1,625 gallon version.

The modular tank is available in standard, white poly or with a white exterior and black interior to inhibit algae growth. It can be used for water or liquid fertilizer. At 90 inches wide and 191 inches long, it’s designed to fit into a standard grain box.

Free Form expects to release a second, similarly-designed 2,650 gallon design in the near future. These two will compliment the company’s existing line of one-piece tanks, which includes 1,350 and 1,950 gallon sizes.





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