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Swing Auger Has Double The Reach

The Regina, Sask.-based Sakundiak Equipment has raised the bar on swing auger systems, with a fully remote control prototype of SwingMax Pro. The current prototype allows farmers to unload trucks and trailers from each side of the auger without having to turn a wheel.

The first and only unit of its kind, the SwingMax Pro demonstrated at the Western Canada Farm Progress Show in Regina in June is unique in that the swing auger (hopper) component not only moves sideways, but also extends to be properly positioned under a truck on one side of the auger. It can be lifted and swung over the top of the main auger, to reach a truck or trailer on the other side.

“It is new feature a lot of producers are interested in,” says Dave Fletcher of Sakundiak. “You can have your tractor sitting in the yard with the swing auger attached, and have grain trucks and trailers coming in for unloading on both sides.

“And it is all controlled by remote control. The farmer can be standing on ground, position the swing auger under a truck on the right side of the tractor, unload it, and then swing the auger and hopper over the top and reach trucks or trailers on the other side.”

The SwingMax Pro also has a seven-foot telescopic feature, which gives it a reach of between 17’3″ to 24’6″. “If you are pulling in a B-train or a trailer and have to reach two or three different unloading hatches, you roll the low profile hopper on the swing auger under each of the hatches without having to jockey around the truck or the swing auger,” says Fletcher. “Often at harvest every minute counts, so this speeds up the whole unloading process.”

The prototype demonstrated in Regina had a 14-inch auger in the swing auger and 72 foot main auger tube. The swing auger component of the machine can also be positioned to rest on the top of the main auger tube for easy transport.

The SwingMax Pro, which was still on the drawing boards in May, is expected to go into production and be available later this year. Retail cost of the machine has not been determined.

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