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Redesigned Baler Increases Bale Density

Among the 15 new products introduced by AGCO for 2012 at its Kansas City dealer convention in August was an entirely new large square baler, wearing the company s Hesston by Massey Ferguson brand name.

The 2170XD is a major redesign based on the original, standard 2170 model. The changes incorporated into the XD version allow it to form bales that are 15 per cent denser. When compared to 2170 models built prior to 2010, the XD s bales are now 30 per cent denser. In order to safely jam that much extra material into the bale chamber, engineers have had to give the XD some serious upgrades.

From the outside, you can t tell the difference (from a standard 2170), says Dean Morrell, product marketing manager for AGCO Forage. But we ve changed the driveline all the way through the baler, from the PTO all the way back to the gearbox. That extra strength is necessary to put through a heavier 3×4-foot bale up to nine feet in length.

Among the upgrades is a redesigned, 1,100-pound, flywheel that is 91 per cent heavier. It takes something that size to generate enough innertia to keep the mechanism turning smoothly, while forcing more density into the bales. The gearbox is also heavier and stronger than the one used in the standard 2170, using all-new components. And all primary and secondary drivelines meet the new Category 7 standard, with heat-treated yokes at the connections. The XD s frame also had to be reinforced to stand up to the heavier workload.

The choke area of the chamber has also been changed in order to hold the bale longer, while the plunger compresses more material into it.

But why add all this ability to create heavier, denser bales. A lot of areas are starting to go into biomass crops and wanting more density in the bales, explains Morrell. However, other producers will benefit from packing more material into bales, too. Today we re also producing a lot of cattle feed. We wanted to make to make a compact bale to maximize shipping weight for trucks and transportation. So we decided to increase our maximum weight. Some of the straw bales you can get up to 1,200 pounds. Some guys are running up to 1,700 pounds in alfalfa, he says.

In order to ensure the baler ties a knot capable of withstanding that much tensile load, AGCO has introduced a new, heavier-strength twine, which is designed specifically for the 2170XD. It s available through AGCO dealer.


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