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Protect your arms with welding sleeves

Arc Armor welding sleeves from Miller Electric are flame-resistant to protect your arms and clothes from spatter and UV rays. They are made of 100 per cent Indura cotton, which is guaranteed flame-resistant for the life of the sleeves. The sleeves also have strategically-placed leather components. You position the leather for optimal protection against spatter and ultraviolet and infrared arc transmissions. The wider elastic band at the top of the 21-inch sleeve provides optimal fit, comfort and performance. Suggested retail price for the sleeves is US$32.

Miller has an offer until March 31 where you can get the sleeves for free with the purchase of a Digital Elite auto-darkening helmet. To learn more about Arc Armor welding protection products, visit For general information, visit www.MillerWelds.comor call 1-800-426-4553.



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