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Post Pounder From Wheatheart

Wheatheart adds a new product to its line: the Farm Duty Post Pounder. This complements the company’s High & Heavy Hitter post pounder line. The Farm Duty model is for posts up to nine feet long. It works with category II and III three-point hitch, and requires hydraulic capacity of seven GPM and 1,500 PSI.

The hammer has a large face so you can pound on either side of the fence. You can add ballast to the hammer box to increase impact force. Hammer weight, with maximum 280 pounds of ballast, is 600 pounds.

Pounder rollers contact the front and rear of the post to eliminate friction between the hammer and the post. Tight tolerances eliminate excessive movement to make sure the pounder hits the post with maximum force.

The storage stand has wide-spaced legs for greater stability, making it easier to hook up and disconnect. A transport bar eliminates cylinder movement during transport and storage.

For more information about Wheatheart’s Farm Duty Post Pounder, call the Saskatoon office toll free at 877-934-0649 or visit



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