Opener For NH3 And Seed

Atom Jet’s new NH3 Twin Band opener allows you to put down all your fertilizer and your seed in one pass. “Place all the nitrogen you could ever need with no worries,” says an Atom Jet brochure. And you don’t need a mid-row bander.

The opener comes in two configurations— double shoot and triple shoot. With a double shoot, you put seed and dry fertilizer out one side of the twin band and NH3 out the other. Everything is on the same plane, so you don’t get seed dropping down into a fertilizer trench. NH3 is two to three inches away to reduce the risk of seed burn.

With a triple shoot opener, you put the seed out one side, NH3 out the other side, and your dry fertilizer — phosphate, potassium and sulphur — down the middle.

The opener is 3.25 inches wide. Atom Jet recommends a packer of 3.5 inches or wider. Flat, oval or shallow V packers are preferred. Deep V packers are not recommended.

Twin Band is available for a range of drills and shank types. For more information, contact Atom Jet in Brandon, Man., at 204-728-8590 or visit the web-site at



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