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No More Virtual Images

Does that moving virtual image of the field on a GPS monitor seem a little old fashioned? If you’re tired of it, swap it out for a system that can display an actual moving field picture from an onboard camera.

TeeJet Technologies’ Matrix Guidance systems with RealView Guidance Over Video is the first system to hit the market offering guidance and live video displayed simultaneously. Matrix is TeeJet’s interface for their FieldPilot Assisted Steering System.

“By combining guidance with live video instead of a virtual image, the operator now has access to more and better information to help make GPS guidance more intuitive to use,” says Rich Gould, vice president and guidance business manager at Tee-Jet Technologies.

The company believes combining a real image with GPS guidance will help improve accuracy and efficiency in field operations. Their Guidance Over Video allows growers to see what’s actually ahead on the monitor — assuming you don’t want to look out the window.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of this system is the multiple camera feature, which allows an operator to keep an eye on a number of machine components not easily seen from the driver’s seat while still viewing guidance information.

Matrix console screens come in two sizes: the 5.7-inch 570G and the 8.4-inch 840G, and up to eight cameras can be connected to the system. The 840G has a split-screen capability that will allow four different camera views to be displayed simultaneously.

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TeeJet’s Matrix Guidance system monitors with RealView Guidance Over Video eliminate the virtual image used on other screens and replace it with video. Up to eight cameras can be connected to the system to monitor equipment function as well.



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