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New software updates from John Deere

Deere’s Gen 4 displays and Machine 
Sync get improvements

MachineSync allows for synchronized operation of tractor and combine operation during in-field combine unloading.

In February, John Deere released its 19-1 software update, which it says will “Further enhance the automation, documentation, functionality and security of its Generation 4, 4600 CommandCenter and 4640 Universal Displays.”

“It also enables Gen 4 Display compatibility with more John Deere equipment,” said John Mishler, marketing manager for precision ag technologies, in a press release. “Including 8000- and 9000-Series forage harvesters, documentation of weather and field conditions, expands AutoTrac functionality and automation on more equipment, and provides additional levels of security than before.”

With the 19-1 software update, Gen 4 Displays will now show area remaining and estimated time to completion for several field operations. It doubles the number of legend colours on the display so operators can view yield, prescriptions and as-applied maps in greater detail.

The new software also makes in-field data sharing available, which allows for the wireless transfer of guidance lines, coverage maps, machine location, grain tank fill level and unloading auger status between machines.

Operators can now also manually document weather and field conditions, including wind speed and direction, from the cab, and they can add that to application and seeding records. That data can be made available to any mobile device through the John Deere Operations Center and the MyOperations mobile app.

For added security, the 19-1 update gives users the ability to secure displays and receivers from improper use and theft by using a four-digit PIN. The feature allows users to lock their devices with administrator, operator or master unlock codes.

As part of the 19-1 software update, Deere is expanding its Machine Sync feature, which synchronizes tractor and grain cart speed and position with the combine for on the go unloading during harvest. Gen 4 Machine Sync uses newer technology already built in to all S700 combines and is available at a much lower total cost than with previous generations of displays.

“Machine Sync greatly simplifies harvest by automating the combine unloading process, allowing the operator to focus on harvesting the crop or other machine functions,” Mishler said. “Its use has proven to speed up harvest operations and reduce grain loss and stress on both the combine and grain cart operators during this busy time, especially when harvesting at night or when visibility is compromised.”

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