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New Holland introduces new hay and forage tools

Grainews goes into the field with New Holland product reps to test run the company’s 2014 lineup of haying equipment

It’s that time of year again when major farm equipment manufacturers pull the wraps off new machinery models poised to join next year’s lineup. This summer, New Holland was first off the mark, holding a media event in Houston, Texas, to showcase products in its “Dairy and Livestock segment,” which means new hay and forage equipment.

“Better, faster and smarter” was the catch phrase product reps used to describe the 2014 models on display in a Texas almond grove beside a field of Bermuda grass. Company executives were so confident in the ability of their new models, they wanted members of the farm media to not only see them, but put them to work as well. That meant spending a day under the blazing, summer Texas sun (in air conditioned cabs) cutting, raking and baling hay.

At the event, New Holland executives also made it clear they not only want to build on the company’s reputation as a leader in hay and forage equipment, they want farmers to look to them as an information source on how to put up quality hay as well.

“We’ve become much more sophisticated in making hay,” says Abe Hughes, II, NH North America’s vice-president of sales and marketing. “Often times, I think, people just roll the dice and bale. There’s really a science to it. That’s what we’re trying to do here at New Holland, educate farmers, dealers and everyone else that there is a science to it.”

As a way to share their knowledge, NH updated its Haymaker’s Handbook in 2011, which now includes all the latest research the company has helped develop in association with Penn State University. The Handbook is a guide to producing top quality livestock feed. Farmers can pick up a copy at their local NH dealer for about $15.

To give you a chance to see what we saw in Texas, the Machinery and Shop section of this issue is filled with a close look at NH’s updated lineup of haying equipment for 2014. Enjoy. †

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