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New headers from Deere and AGCO

New swather and combine headers for small grains producers

John Deere now offers the 500D  line of Draper headers for its W235   and W260 windrowers.

Purchasers of a John Deere W235 or W260 self-propelled windrower can now choose to mate their machine with a new line of Draper headers for small grains crops. The green brand just introduced the 500D Series header line, which includes three sizes: 25, 30 and 36 feet.

The 500D headers use a quick-change system that makes replacing a broken reel tooth a simple procedure. It requires only simple tools and a 90-degree turn to remove and replace a broken tooth.

“Customers can now get more torque when cutting in difficult conditions with the 500D Series Drapers, thanks to new center belt drives,” says Jeremy Unruh, Deere’s product line marketing manager, in a press release. “The belts are being driven from the center of the platform and not the end, resulting in more consistent performance from end to end. This also prevents slipping and excessive belt wear, saving money on maintenance.”

For those producers who also use their windrower to cut hay, Deere claims changing between a 500D Series Draper and a rotary hay-cutting header only takes about 30 minutes.


AGCO also has a new header to talk about. The 9255 DynaFlex is designed to mate with the brand’s Gleaner, Massey Ferguson and Challenger combines. It offers a flexible cutter bar and 12 degrees of hydraulic tilt for the cutter bar and Drapers. They’re available in 25-, 30-, 35- and 40-foot cutting widths.

9255 headers have a completely redesigned, larger and sturdier six-bat, single-piece reel assembly, which relies on heavier, larger diameter tubes and heavy-duty tines. According to AGCO, they feed crops onto the 41-inch wide Draper belts without wrapping crop material around the reel.

The drive system uses a mechanically driven gearbox with a flywheel to maintain cutter bar speed and momentum. That’s a lot different than a more traditional wobble box arrangement with a swinging counterbalance weight. AGCO claims this is a better design, and it also shaves three inches off the overall header width because of the smaller gearbox.

All the 9255 headers — other than the smallest 25-foot version — get dual sickle bar drives, one on each side for added durability. The end skids have also been beefed up and ride flatter to the ground.

AGCO’s new 9255 DynaFlex headers are available in widths up to 40 feet for Challenger, Massey Ferguson and Gleaner combines.
AGCO’s new 9255 DynaFlex headers are available in widths up to 40 feet for Challenger, Massey Ferguson and Gleaner combines. photo: AGCO

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