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Shulte introduces front-facing snowblower attachment frame

Have you been visiting the chiropractor this winter because using a rear-mount snow blower has your neck aching? If so, Schulte Industries has a cure for the problem — their new FM-300 front-mount hitch frame.

The FM-300 allows three-point hitch snowblowers to be mounted on the front of a tractor to make snow removal a little less awkward. Although the company hopes you’ll hang one of their blowers on it, it will work with any brand. “You can put any three-point snowblower on it as long as you match the r.p.m.,” says Hal Carnago, sales manager at Schulte Industries. “It’s designed primarily for 1,000 r.p.m. blowers.”

But the FM-300 is available with two different gearbox options to accommodate tractors equipped with both 540 and 1,000 r.p.m. PTO shafts. And the extendable frame and drive arrangement provides a lot of mounting flexibility, allowing farmers to hang it on nearly any tractor that is between 151 and 211 inches long. “We can run it on anything from 85 to 240 horsepower,” adds Carnargo.

An FM-300 equipped with a 540 r.p.m. gearbox has a suggested list price of $11,456, and the 1,000 r.p.m. version comes in at $11,844.




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