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Many Uses For Karyon Bogan

We live with snow for five months of the year — or more — yet we sometimes forget the simple but effective transport capacity of a flat sled riding on a smooth, slick layer of the white stuff. Karyon Bogan, built in Cornwall, Ontario, is a lightweight high-capacity toboggan you can pull behind a quad, snowmobile or tractor.

It’s made from polyethylene on an aluminum frame. “We’ve used these sleds in temperatures down to -40C and have not broken the polyethylene yet,” says co-creator Denis Rosa.

Base price for the 10-foot by three-foot sled is $795. With the sled, you can take round bales out to the pasture with your snowmobile or ATV, as shown in the photo. For an additional $479, you can get a 67-by 24-by 24-inch utility box to carry chopped wood or whatever else.

In an extreme case, a person used two 20-foot Karyon Bogans to pull a tracked tractor 34 km back to the shop. “It had blown its engine,” Rosa says. So they pulled it on to two Bogans and towed the tractor home with another tractor.

For more information on the Karyon Bogan and the accessories available, visit the website at,call toll free 1-866-931-2081 or email [email protected]



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