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Lemken introduces the Rubin 12 compact disc harrow

Designed to work as deep as eight inches and at high speeds, it includes 29-inch disc blades

Disc harrow in farmer's field.

Germany-based Lemken has just announced the introduction of the Rubin 12, a new compact disc harrow designed to work soil at depths from five to eight inches. Six models will be available in Canada with delivery beginning in July 2014. Farmers can opt for one in working widths of 10 to 20 feet.

“The Rubin 12 provides all of the advantages of Lemken compact discs, while allowing farmers to work the soil at deeper depths to incorporate heavy crop residue with exceptional results,” explains Ralf Bornemann, Lemken’s product manager, who oversaw its development. “By going deeper, you can do a better job of mixing soil and residue than a shank cultivator while still operating at high working speeds of six to 10 m.p.h. for greater acreage performance.”

The Rubin 12 combines multiple tillage functions in a single pass machine. An impact harrow behind the front row of discs is followed by a levelling harrow and depth-guiding rollers (that can be removed), which pack and level the soil to help prevent erosion and moisture loss.

It also offers a variety of hitch options including mounted, semi-mounted and trailed versions. The semi-mounted version features a Uni-wheel, which mechanically lifts the roller and reduces the weight load on the rear tractor axle when the implement is raised, allowing for easy road transport and better manoeuvrability when turning at headlands.

The Rubin 12 uses 29-inch, serrated disc blades, which the company claims are the largest currently available on a compact disc harrow. The discs are mounted to the frame individually with pre-tensioned springs that let them ride over stones. They use double angular ball disc bearings that need no manual adjustments or greasing.

The symmetrical positioning of the concave discs eliminates the side pulling experienced with some compact disc harrows, ensuring it pulls straight behind the tractor. That also makes for an easy-pulling design, according to Lemken, so it delivers better fuel efficiency.

The company believes the Rubin 12 will be ideal for turning over corn stubble or any other application requiring a mixing of residue and soil.

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“We also see many grain, canola, pulse, and vegetable growers across Canada dealing with more and more trash who want to work the soil deeper for better residue management,” says Laurent Letzter, Lemken’s Canadian sales manager. “The Rubin 12 is perfectly suited to those types of operations. The penetration depth and large disc diameter on the Rubin 12 are also ideal for breaking pastureland.”

This compact disc harrow also offers a hydraulic depth control adjustment that operators can set from the tractor cab to ensure consistent working depths.

“It’s true, hassle-free, hydraulic depth control with a self-locking mechanism that maintains consistent depth without manual spacers or pins,” says Letzter.

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