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Kioti puts cabs on its CK10 series

The South Korean brand ups the comfort 
level on its compact tractors

Kioti introduced the SE models to its CK10 tractor series. They’re cabbed models available with 35 or 40 horsepower.

One thing most farmers would agree on is it takes a lot work to keep farmyards neat and tidy. Whether it’s mowing grass in the summer or clearing snow from driveways and around buildings in winter, small tractors that fit into the compact utility segment can come in pretty handy with those chores.

Often those small farmyard tractors are just open-station models, which means the operator will almost certainly get a face full of wet snow during snow blowing operations or come in pretty dusty after cutting grass. Kioti just introduced a new factory-installed cab option on its compact utility tractors that can make those jobs a little more pleasant. It displayed its new CK10 SE Series cabbed models during Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina in June.

“On a lot of the small tractors, you don’t have factory-mounted cabs,” said. Gerry Picard, Kioti’s territory manager. “And a lot of guys were asking about that. So we have a beautiful system now. We decided to put a factory-mount cab on a 35 and 40 horsepower. It’s our SE version.”

The cabs are typical of what you’d expect on a tractor of any horsepower class. They’re airtight and quiet.

“It’s done right from the factory and it is a nice piece of work,” Picard adds. “It comes with air conditioning, heat, all that kind of stuff. And it’s very quiet. There aren’t any loose fitting or air holes (as with aftermarket cabs).”

Picard said the brand is moving to increase its presence in Western Canada with its largest PX Series tractors that now reach up to 95 horsepower. That makes them capable contenders for farm hay and forage jobs, because they have enough power to run a typical round baler.

The brand also offers the kind of durability that buyers have come to expect from the South Korean auto brands, claimed Picard, noting the Kioti brand is part of the giant Daedong Industrial Corporation headquartered in that country.

As for the compact CK10 SE series tractors, just like regular field tractors, Picard thinks once farmers opt for a cabbed version, they won’t want to go back to an open station model for farmyard tasks. “It’s Canada,” he said. “It’s either hot or cold, there’s no in-between. It’s comfortable in there.”

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