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John Deere updates air seeder line

Blockage detection and other improvements for 2022

John Deere is offering some improvements on its 2022 model year lineup of air drills, including a new blockage detection system.

For model year 2022, expect to see a few enhanced features show up on John Deere air seeders compared with the previous year’s designs. But the most obvious difference will be new model numbering designations for the 1830 and 1835 model drills. They will now become the H500 series with the last two digits representing the working width of the drill. For example, the H541 will have a 41-foot working width. That brings the numbering series of these models in line with Deere’s other drills.

When it comes to improvements, the company is introducing its RelativeFlow blockage detection system, to help prevent skips in the field. It will be available on all working widths of the H500, H500F, P500, N500C, N500F, N500 and 730LL models.

“This product has been asked for by all our air drill customers,” says Kevin Juhl, Deere’s go-to-market manager for planting and seeding. “Because it shows them real-time feedback when a blockage occurs, it’s going to free up their time from having to go back and reseed those patches.”

TruSet in-cab downforce adjustment will also be an option for 2022. It avoids the need to make manual adjustments at the drill. Instead, settings can be changed right from the Generation 4 display in the tractor cab.

Lastly, the brand is switching to an enhanced ProSeries opener that uses quick-change blades. The new design cuts down the time required to replace worn blades by almost half compared with the current ProSeries openers.

“The enhanced opener will be offered on our no-till lineup as well as our H500F,” Juhl adds.

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