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John Deere unveils new equipment in Columbus, Ohio

The green brand focuses on “delivering distinctive value” 
as the theme for its 2014 model-year lineupoffer new features

This is all about addressing the three primary value drivers for our customers: performance, uptime and cost of operation,” Luke Gakstatter, John Deere’s vice president of agriculture and turf sales and marketing for the U.S. and Canada told an audience made up primarily of Deere dealers at the company’s new product launch show in Columbus, Ohio. “When you see what we’ve done today, you’ve got to be proud,” he added.

Following that address, a parade of new Deere equipment made its way across the stage accompanied by a light and video show emphasizing the improvements built into each one.

While the event didn’t come close to unleashing the record-setting number of new products Deere introduced in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 2011, it did include several machines that will be of interest to western Canadian farmers.

This year most new machines from all the brands make the jump to Tier 4 Final-emissions compliant diesel engines ahead of the looming January E.P.A./EU deadline. Deere’s product reps claim that the company’s new engine technology will not only produce cleaner emissions, but will save producers a little money by being even thriftier with a litre of fuel. And Deere believes its emissions reduction strategy puts it into the lead in “total fluid efficiency,” a term repeated often by marketing managers throughout the event. It refers to not only the consumption of diesel, but diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) as well.

Grainews was at the Ohio launch and also managed to get behind the wheel of some of the new models that debuted to check them out for ourselves. In the following pages we take a look at some of the most notable new machines and features introduced for the upcoming model year. †

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