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John Deere introduces 900 Series round balers

New models use pre-cutters to create a more densely packed bale

John Deere introduces 900 Series round balers

For producers looking for a round baler that can handle both silage and dry forage hay, John Deere recently introduced its new 900 Series. These balers create a denser bale than the brand’s other models by using pre-cutter knives.

Buyers can choose either a 13 or 25 blade pre-cutter to pre-process the hay flowing into the bale chamber. The resulting shorter stems allow more hay to pack into each bale, making later processing of the feed easier or unnecessary.

“Many beef and dairy producers can save time and money by pre-processing silage and other forage crops when baling and put a denser, higher-quality forage in the bunk,” says Jeremy Unruh, product line manager of baling and mowing products, through a company press release. “This is especially true when baling and feeding high-moisture silage.”

The two models in the 900 Series, the 960 and 990 use different platforms and produce 4×5 and 4×6 bales.

If an operator doesn’t want the hay pre-cut, the cutter blade can be retracted for traditional baling. But regardless of how the bales are made, the 900 Series models can push them out the back in less than five seconds.

To get the hay in, these balers use a new pickup design that features five-tooth bars and an inline rotor. The bale chambers are also a new design, using three rolls, an off-set density arm and side sheets that expand or contract as necessary. A full-width hydraulic drop floor allows plugs to be cleared quickly, from the tractor cab.

When it comes to servicing, Unruh says access to moving parts has been improved and the number of grease points has been significantly reduced compared to other designs.

The two 900 Series models are built on an independent frame. They can be purchased with options that include float-ation tires along with heavy-duty chains, bearings and belts. A new net-wrap system is also available. Deere’s new twine-tying system is also built into these balers. And, of course, they offer some new panel styling.

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