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Improved Front Suspension On Ranger 6X6

Polaris continues to expand its Ranger side-by-side line up, with a smaller 400 model for 2010 and the company’s first electric vehicle, Ranger EV. But when company spokesperson Donna Beadle was asked which Ranger she thought would provide the greatest utility and range of use that farmers would appreciate, she recommended the Ranger 800 6×6 with six-wheel drive and 40-horsepower 800cc EFI engine.

The 2010 model has improved front suspension to handle attachments better. Dual A-Arm suspension has two upper shock mounting points for each wheel so you can “dramatically increase” the stiffness of suspension. With this new suspension, you can maintain ground clearance and suspension travel when carrying heavier loads and using accessories such as plows, cabs and sprayers for work applications.

Improvements to the operator area include more seat and leg space, reoriented gas and brake pedal for improved operator comfort, new angled-back seat and a new angled-back seat. Improvements to the steering wheel include tilt, a redesign for better handling with gloves on, and 50 per cent easier steering effort. To combat ruts, stumps and rocks, the new Ranger also has anti-kickback steering to reducing jarring over bumps.

The cargo box is rated for 1,250 pounds, while the job box between seat and cargo box handles an extra 250 pounds. Other key features include on-demand all-wheel drive, 46 mph top speed, 2,000-pound towing capacity, new ROPS certified cab, and 12-inch ground clearance.

With Polaris’s 2010 Ranger 6×6 utility vehicle, you can stiffen up the front suspension so it can handle front mounted implements, such as a plow blade, and support the extra weight of a full cab.



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