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Header Tote From Frontier

Frontier Equipment, a division of John Deere, introduces a new line of transports for your combine’s flex platform, rigid platform, draper platform or corn head.

HT11 and HT12 Series transports each feature five models with lengths from 24 feet to 42 feet. HT11 models are for field-to-field transport. HT12 models are built for highway transport. They are licensable, and come with highway trailer markings and lights.

On the HT12 Series, brakes are standard equipment on a single rear axle. For extra stopping power, you can get a brake option for all axles. Rear-wheel fenders on the HT12 Series are included to help prevent rocks and other road debris from chipping your header paint. Plus, each model is equipped with adjustable-sliding brackets so you can carry most heads on the same transport.

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