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Victor Technologies wants to help bridge the training gap using the Internet

Welding equipment manufacturer Victor Technologies has a large training section on its website that anyone can use without logging in or registering.

One of the downsides to living in a rural area is not having access to the kind of amenities city residents do. That includes the opportunity to take part-time training courses in many trades that are useful on the farm, like welding. But these days Internet resources can help bridge that training gap. Welding equipment manufacturer Victor Technologies is one company that has a website offering educational opportunities.

“We want the Victor Technologies’ training site to become the go-to resource of the cutting and welding industry,” says Robert Shigley, senior training manager. “End users and distributor partners need easy access to a full range of information, wherever they are, and they can easily get it by accessing this site.”

Victor Technologies’ training website is free for anyone to access. It no longer requires students to log in or register. The site contains a variety of videos and training tutorials that cover most aspects of welding and oxy-acetylene cutting. The site’s search feature allows visitors to quickly find all relevant content for a specific topic.

“The new site provides immediate value to visitors by giving them the resources they need up front, without having to log in,” says Shigley. “However, additional learning opportunities are available by registering, which is free.” If visitors wish, they can track their learning history by creating a log in and building a profile.

The site can also be accessed through the company’s home page, and clicking on the “training and resources” tab. The site’s content has been optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

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