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Deere revamps its 5E tractor line

ohn Deere has made major changes to its 5E line of utility tractors. Two new four-cylinder models, the 5085E and 5100E, with 85 and 100 horsepower respectively, replace the 5083E, 5093E and 5101E. And the four smaller, three-cylinder models from 45 to 75 horsepower that make up the remainder of the line now offer a wider range of options.

“With six models from 45 to 100 horsepower within the 5E Series, customers can choose the power and options they want that best fits their needs,” says Scott Schadler product marketing manager. “The 5E offers a basic level of features and options in transmission, operator stations, and front axles that allows a customer to find a configuration that is a perfect fit for their applications and budget. Customers will be very pleased at what they see up and down the entire 5E Series line.”

Because of their lower horsepower rating, the two larger models comply with Interim Tier 4 engine emissions regulations rather than the Final Tier 4 standard required by equipment over 175 horsepower. These two models come standard with a 12/12 power reverser transmission and economy PTO option built into the base price.

And while Deere is now making the largest 5E models available with an open operator’s station, the smaller models can now be ordered with a cab. †

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