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Branson Tractor Turns Into A Forklift

Branson developed its “all-terrain forklift” for orchards and vegetable farms so they can move between rows and carry pallets for fruit and vegetable bins. Grainews is sharing this news with you just in case you see some other practical use for such a tractor on your farm.

The tractor has a reversed operator platform for ease of use, soft-ride hydraulics and 35-or 47-horsepower diesel engine. The single-stage forklift assembly offers excellent visibility and mounts to the tractor’s detachable carriage, which can quickly be replaced with a three-point hitch for additional applications.

The three-point hitch with independent PTO makes it a versatile machine that accepts many attachments such as mowers, snow blowers, posthole diggers, brush cutters and power brooms. “This product gives growers the ability to operate over rough terrain and in tight quarters while still delivering a 2,800-pound lift capacity at a more affordable price than the larger models growers have been forced to use,” says Scott Baughtman, Branson’s service manager.

Branson forklifts feature tilt and side-shift controls, 10-foot lift height, and 2,800-pound lift capacity. The unit is 66.5 inches wide.

For more information on Branson’s new compact all-terrain forklifts, multi-task tractors or any other of the company’s products, go to sales rep for Western Canada is Bernie Sopel. You can reach him at 306-241-7354 or [email protected]



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