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Brandt Grain Vac Moves 8,000 Bu./Hr.

Brandt’s new Grain Vac 7500 HP can move 8,000 bushels of wheat per hour at “full bin capacity,” which means when using just 3.5 feet of straight hose plus the nozzle. Capacity of a 10-inch swing auger is 5,000 to 6,000 bushels per hour, says Jason Bouchard of Brandt Agricultural Products.

It achieves maximum grain movement with 120 horsepower. “This allows growers to match the 7500 HP with popular mid-size tractors,” the company says.

With “exclusive cone separator technology,” the Grain Vac uses no moving parts to direct the grain into the auger or air into the fan. And you don’t have to make any adjustments crop to crop.

Brandt says the centrifugal fan design has a much lower replacement cost than blower-style pumps. And the double blade fan “lasts twice as long as previous design.”

List price for Model 7500 HP is C$29,800. For more information, visit the web-site at



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