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Bourgault expands its 7000 Series cart line

The tow-between L7800 becomes the third air cart added to the relatively new 7000 Series

Bourgault has expanded its 7000 Series line of air carts, which it launched with the introduction of the high-capacity 7950 model in 2012. This year, the company added two additional models. During the winter, the company announced the introduction of the 7700, which was meant to replace the previous 6700 model. At Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina in June, Bourgault expanded the Series again and debuted the L7800 tow-between version.

The L7800 boasts an 800 bushel capacity split between four compartments, plus an optional 40-bushel small product saddle tank. Beside the saddle tank is a pallet storage area to keep additional canola bags stored and ready to add.

This cart is the first in what Bourgault is calling its “Leading” design. Translation: tow-between configuration. The L7800 gets the “L” in its model number to indicate that. “This is the first ‘Leading’ cart design in the 7000 Series,” says Bourgault’s Haydon Rice.

The L7800’s uses the company’s flex-tank design, which means the contents of one its compartments can be metered out with the product in either adjacent tank and increase working time between fills. That also gives growers some flexibility, allowing them to get just the right mix of inputs on board.

Those inputs get metered out using Bourgault’s newest metering system, the PDM Pro, which is available on all the 7000 Series models. The L7800 can be equipped with up to five different metering augers and seeding rate control comes from a Topcon X-30 monitor. “It (the monitor) is laid out very well,” says Rice. “Switching from single shoot to double shoot is the same as you’d expect from any other Bourgault system with our Class A distribution system. You can put any product down any line.”

Design improvement

The L7800 also offers some design improvements intended to help make life a little easier for tractor operators. To start with, hitching up to this cart should be a breeze. A hydraulic hitch jack connects to the tractor remotes and adjusts the hitch height from the tractor seat, which eliminates the need for manual jacking.

Getting access to the tanks’ loading hatches is now easier, too. A stairway directly above the hitch means operators don’t have to walk around a drill or the tractor to get up on the cart. The stairs are just a few steps away from the cab door. “There’s no more climbing ladders,” says Rice. “You get to walk up stairs. It makes it easier for carrying pails.”

And the L7800 rides on 850 80R38 tires. That keeps its footprint relatively light and helps minimize compaction in the field. “They’re the same size as the tires on our 7950 tow behind,” explains Rice. “So we’re able to keep our tire pressure and ground pressure to 18 p.s.i. We’re able to carry a lot of weight, a lot of product, and keep our ground pressure down.”

The L7800 also uses 7-inch distribution lines. “It’s for increased capacity, pushing product out for the large drills we’re producing these days,” he adds. To get product in, the L7800 comes with a standard, remote controlled, 12-inch loading auger. “It’s very handy and user friendly,” says Rice.

Bourgault also joins the ranks of seeding equipment manufacturers now offering sectional control technology. The company just introduced its new system at the Regina show. Like the L7800 cart, sectional control will be available in limited quantities for the 2014 season and in full production for 2015.

For a video look at the L7800 cart and Bourgault’s new sectional control system, watch the E-QuipTV episode at †

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