Big Tools For Corn-Soy Growers

John Deere has two “big” announcements for corn and soybean growers. We know there aren’t too many corn

and soybean acres in Western Canada, but there are some — and they are increasing, although in two steps forward, one and three quarter steps backward fashion. Those who do grow corn and soybeans and perhaps sunflowers may be interested in these two products.

First is a massive new planter. Grainews has had a few articles on very large drills lately. Row-crop planters are in the same race. John Deere, in partnership with Bauer Built Mfg., has a new 120-foot planter. Model DB120 has 48 rows on 30-inch spacing.

“When hitched to one of our 9030 Series tractors equipped with a GreenStar guidance system, you’ve got a row-crop planting solution that’s 30 per cent more productive than our 36-row, DB90 planter, ” says Rob Rippchen, marketing division manager for John Deere Seeding.

DB120 has a bulk seed tank with 125-bushel capacity. As for precision features, the planter has variable-rate seed drives and RowCommand, a row unit on/ off system that shuts off the row unit when it comes to an area that is already planted. “This helps you reduce seed input costs and eliminate the yield drag associated with double planting in corn,” Rippchen says.


John Deere has a new kit to add about 16 inches of clearance to its 4730 and 4830 self-propelled sprayers. At this height, farmers and commercial applicators can apply fungicides or other products on corn in the tassel stage, and apply crop protection products to mature sunflowers.

Total clearance with the kit is 76 inches.

The kit consists of four assemblies — one per wheel —that attach between the chrome spindle and the casting that houses the wheel motor. Shields are included to help keep the radiator and grill clear of tassels or pollen. The kit also includes parts that lower the eductor to make loading chemicals more convenient.

After the high-clearance kit is first installed, the lift castings can be removed or reinstalled in approximately four hours, the company says. The kit is compatible with Model Year 2008-2009 4730 and 4830 Sprayers only.



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