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Backhoe attachment adds versatility

If you live on a farm, you’ve likely found it difficult to get the services of tradesmen or custom operators when you need them. That, combined with the associated costs, may have caused you to abandon some smaller on-farm projects. But having the right attachment for a tractor you already own may make it possible to do some of those minor jobs you’ve forgotten about. At the same time you could get to park a new piece of equipment in your yard that you can use whenever you need it, which could be a real advantage.

A utility tractor with a three-point hitch is standard equipment in most farm fleets, and adding a backhoe attachment to one could make that small tractor one of the handiest in the yard. Investing in just a backhoe attachment is a lot less expensive than trying to justify buying a used construction backhoe tractor, which likely doesn’t make financial sense for most farmers.

For about $10,000 Wallenstein, an Ontario company, sells its GX920, which mounts on the three-point hitch of any farm tractor in the 45 to 100 horsepower range. It attaches quickly and offers a reasonable digging depth of 9’ 4”. An extended version, the GX920XT will add another two feet to that, if you want to pay extra for the option.

The hoe connects directly to a tractor’s hydraulic system, while the operator uses the controls on the attachment to dig. “It needs six to eight gallons (about 23 to 30 litres) per minute of hydraulic flow,” says Dale Bast, Saskatchewan territory manager for Wallenstein. While most newer tractors can supply that, the Wallenstein can create its own hydraulic power with an optional PTO power pack if necessary for older machines.

The company also offers two lighter backhoe attachments for smaller tractors, even those in the 15 to 25 horsepower compact utility segment. Of course, digging depth and speed drops off with the smaller models.

“It (The Wallenstein line) is all Canadian built,” adds Bast. “We even make our own hydraulic cylinders.” And farmers can order a hoe painted to closely match the tractor or in a variety of other specialty colors.

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