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Hydraulics on axle help farmer position auger

A Saskatchewan on-farm invention helps position large augers

Gord Blechinger of Gord’s Horsepower Service in Muen­ster, Sask. was one of the farmyard inventors to pick up a Sterling Standard Innovation award at this year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. He won it for his Auger Side Shift, which was displayed in the farmyard inventions forum.

Blechinger’s brainchild was born when he began imaging an easier way to position large augers on his own farm, especially when trying to spot them over older bins with smaller access hatches.

“Just when you get to the right spot one wheel can hit a rut or a ridge or something like that, and it throws the spout off,” he explained. “So this allows you some side-to-side movement. Even with the larger conveyors, when you lower the swing, it likes to shift the other end somewhat. You can adjust for that.”

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His invention uses a hydraulic system mounted on the axle to allow the operator to shift the auger position laterally. That makes lining up an auger spout to a bin hatch a much easier job. He has created two different designs, including one that allows for adjusting the auger track width.

“I worked two systems,” Blechinger said. “One for a solid, fixed axle width and one with adjustable wheels. With the adjustable axle, you don’t have to jack it up to change the width. It’s a lot like a sprayer, you can just drive and move the wheels in and out.”

Blechinger is in the early phase of developing his systems and hopes to interest the manufacturers in adopting either version as a factory option.

“I’d like to get on board with the manufacturers,” he said. “If they’d incorporate this when they’re building the augers, it would be quite a simple option to add.”

In the meantime, however, he hopes to continue developing the design and possibly make it available as an aftermarket system available to farmers, who could install it on existing augers.

“It’s in the beginning stage now,” he said. “I’d like to do a little more research.”

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