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ANBO’s Bucket Rake attachment for loaders

New bucket attachment is designed to turn a front-end loader into a rock picker

ANBO’s Bucket Rake attachment for loaders

If you need to pick a few rocks out of a field but don’t want to haul out the rock picker, ANBO Manufacturing thinks it has the ideal solution, the Bucket Rake.

It’s designed to fit onto a standard front-end loader bucket and be held in place with ordinary chain binders, bolted on with the company’s optional mounting kit or permanently welded. Bars set at a three-inch spacing allow the Bucket Rake to pick up rocks or debris and let dirt fall through the gaps. With the Rock Rake attached, it is also possible to carry long material, like lengths of pipe, that wouldn’t fit inside a standard loader bucket.

“With this new attachment, customers can quickly turn their existing bucket into a tool which will remove rocks and debris from the field without picking up the dirt,” explained ANBO President, Chris Newman in a press release. “As you comb through the field, this product will sort the rocks from the dirt. The rocks will roll up into the bucket and can be dumped when the bucket is full.”

The Rock Rake is available in sizes to fit tractors up to 100 horsepower. For more information visit the company’s website

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